A Frozen Reward Was Waiting

With the promise of freezing fog in the forecast, I thought it was worth a try to drive up to the mountains This is the closest high elevation spot to our house, about fifteen minutes away. It feels otherworldly, like the perfect breath of fresh air in the midst of everyday life. It was the perfect antidote to all the busy work of Christmas preparations and the generally gray mood things have been in lately.

I felt a little worried we wouldn’t see anything, but right near the top, we did!

This was an impromptu trip, just a jaunt, really. I’m so glad we went. It was absolutely exhilarating. I cannot explain how full of wonder I was. Every stem and leaf became a new treasure to discover and wonder over. The sun was touching the trees, as you can see, and the ground was already littered with the falling ice. The fog stretched across all of valley, miles wide.