My Sister’s Modern Bridal Shower

My sister’s Maid of Honor and I have been planning her (my sister’s bridal shower) for a while now, and while we got a little hocked up on what games we were going to play (since it is supposed to be a modern affair), what to serve and how we were going to decorate. Since both she and I both love being crafty (not to misinterpret that with devious), we decided to hand make some of the decorations. And that they should fit with my sister’s one and only request about the bridal shower, namely that it should be modern and a little formal. Alright, that is two requests but I pushed them into one category. I had recently seen a garland made out of coffee filters (I know not the most elegant right off the bat but it did look modern and it didn’t look at all like coffee filters when it was finished) and thought it looked sweet.

Since the one i saw was a little bit more complicated it also looked a little more professional, I on the other hand decided to take it on and simplify it. It was in fact super easy to make and is really classy!

When it came to the invitations we both decided it was better to order them. I mean, it wasn’t like either of us had the time to sit there and design and print them and I voiced my concerns if they would look professional. I am seriously an old soul when it comes to technology and I don’t get my printer to work half of the time so it wasn’t like I was going to print out my own bridal shower invitation, we decided to order them instead.

She was in the process of caring for her newborn so it all worked out and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be helping with my sisters Bridal Shower. Her Maid of Honor called me and asked if I would help her out and was jumping for joy, I like to help setup parties, and this wasn’t just another party to help with. This was my sister’s bridal shower. I can understand why I wasn’t made the Maid of Honor but that doesn’t mean I wanted to be excluded.

Since we knew the colors for the wedding, the colors for the wedding are blue and green with an accent color, we wanted to compliment (steal) them in the shower. Since modern was the theme we decided on a shabby chic feel.

I found this wonderful blue and green flowered calico that I have been using on all of the items I have crafted to tie things together.

My sister asked if I could make some mini cupcakes for bridal shower. There is a story behind this, mostly with me making them when I was small with my mother and my sister eating them all up. As i was searching for inspiration i kept saving pictures of bright colors and knew i wanted to create 2 different cupcakes that were VERY colorful!

The batter is a white chocolate chip and mint cake with cream cheese frosting.

I did have some help and we adapted a a recipe for white cake that I had in my old cookbook. With twenty-four hungry ladies coming it put a bit of a strain on how many to make. In the end we quadrupled the recipe to ensure we had enough mini cupcakes with some to spare, and it worked out perfectly. My sister took a dozen home with her for her soon-to-be.

In the end the day was amazing and we had a great time.

Thanks for letting me help!

Blessed be the soul.