Past Life Experiences

Past life regression, regression, regression of memory or retrocognoterapia (S, 2008) consists of making the patient recall their alleged past lives through hypnosis.


The name Past Life Therapy (Past Life Therapy) was coined by the doctor of Psychology Morris Netherton, in 1967, when he developed a proprietary method of hypnosis, which designated as Active Hypnosis. The Foundation of this approach extracts of regressive hypnosis your ground: in altered state of consciousness, the client would return to a past beyond the threshold of the current life, where you will find a mnemonic reservoir whose instance is what the researcher Hemandra Banerjee called “extra-cerebral memory“. According to the hypothesis of past-life Therapy, to reach the core of the trauma, your unconscious releases the material retained through the psychic that Freud called “catharsis”. With the catharsis, the psychic energy is released and the subject would be significant relief in their symptoms. This psychic relief would be the cause of physical and psychological cures recorded by regression therapists. In addition to Morris Netherton, are considered the precursors of this therapeutic current Hans Tend, Roger Woolger and Edith Fiore. Until today, these authors are considered references in the area and required reading in courses.

The therapy can be done by the help of hypnosis, but some lessons do not need this method. Hypnosis allows the person to enter deeper States of consciousness or trance regressive itself, where it triggers the phenomenon of regression or remembrance of past lives. Other methods can be used, for example, continuous difficulty for the Auto Lookup staff. The patient enters deep within you, by searching until at some point regresses alone, remember to flash or situation continues in dreams PES (extrasensory perception). Remembering past experiences or traumas, a person can identify the source of your problem and fix it. One of the most famous American writers on the subject is Brian l. Weiss, a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School and holder of the Chair of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, with several works translated into Portuguese.

  • It can be useful in several ways, in the treatment of: phobias and irrational fears, psychosomatic problems, feeding disorders, family problems, sexual disorders, problems of marriage and relationship. She treats negative patterns of being and acting, finding the reasons for the difficulties in the current life and putting in action a positive change, modifying attitudes and ways of understanding the existence. The reason to search for past life therapy, different from what many people think, is not looking to change anything in the past, but improve your life now. Very often trauma and negative patterns of behavior of the past continue to influence us, without you know, until today and it can manifest in the present as a phobia, allergy, a chronic illness or a physical disability, an addiction, a mental disturbance, inability to relate, an attraction or repulsion inexplicable about someone.


Among the known English speaking therapists who use and teach the past-life Therapy include Drs. Brian Weiss, Barbara Brennan and Ken Page in the United States and Dr. John Plowman in the United Kingdom. In almost all the major centers of Brazil is psychologists and psychiatrists who apply the technique.

In Brazil there are several therapeutic lines of DVT, each possessing their particularities and differences. But in the final analysis, the similarities between them are much more significant than the differences. The differences are more theoretical and focus that every therapist focuses their attention. The schools more serious, as taught by INTVP, founded by Maria Julia and Ney Prieto Peres, do not use the spiritual aspect and relegate to the background, preferring to focus on psychological aspects of current and objective consciousness “meaning” that the person gives the experience of past lives. Other approaches, such as the SBTVP (Brazilian Society of past-life Therapy) on the other hand, seeks to put the TVP in a karmic level, taking into account the task of the met life. This is considered by some as a more spiritual approach of past-life Therapy in Brazil, because it supposedly deals with the issue of “presences” (spirits obsessors for Spiritism). Other less orthodox approaches using the technique of the mentor (it would be a major advance spiritual soul that comes assist in the regressions), the proposal of life (our mission in life), the postmortem (life after death), future lives, spiritual guides, among others.

Theoretical Assumptions

Since long ago, centuries, millennia, a large portion of mankind already carries with it the certainty of reincarnation. The Oriental peoples, especially took into their philosophies and religions that concept. The psychology in the Western world seems to have taken 4000 years to begin to glimpse the explanation of reincarnation to justify the sore pains of contemporary man’s soul; his depressions, their delusions, their anxieties and paranoia, their negative patterns of behavior, all that, anyway, that he uses to stay alive. Although a few years between us, there are already a few decades therapists in different parts of the world, especially in the United States, began to face personal experiences or clients during sessions of psychotherapy or hypnosis experienced events in ages past, in another time, knowing, for example, report historical facts of which had not had any previous cultural information , or talking about the languages they strangers. From the systematic study of these experiences, and especially the therapeutic results obtained, regression techniques in time were studied and refined, and the customer think of the whole process.

The goal is to provide the individual opportunities so you can secure the traumatic episodes relived, generally occurred in situations that were left unresolved in the past which have turned into problems in the present. While taking note of the previous trauma, the individual brings the level of understanding, to the conscious mind, the problem which has been experienced until then disconnected from the right. For most people the regression if accompanied of a catharsis that blocked energy in the form of a large release of emotions. At other times the individual still requires reprogramming, this past life therapy process called awareness and transformation. Like all psychotherapy techniques, including analytical, DVT works with the emotional pain being a science of human behavior, as therapy, using the compilation and systematization as treatment technique.

  1. Most of the therapeutic work comprises release something that is locked in the past, or are stuck in the unconscious of the individual, this burden, transported to the current life, needs to be eliminated via your clarification and understanding, to make way for a new type of psychic and behavioral response, this is the goal of therapy. The original cause can be emotional, mental or physical, but will be marked as a scar on his current life and can manifest as any form of sickness or another kind of unease, not necessarily physical. The remembrance, and reframing of these disidentifying problems of the past, with the subsequent rescheduling of ways of being and acting towards life are you going to provide the cure.
  2. The fundamental difference between DVT and other schools like the Orthodox psychological, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and other is the belief in reincarnation and the understanding that our spirituality, being an integral and inseparable part of our being, can also suffer from pathological processes which lead to unpleasant consequences in our life leading to pain, suffering and despair. There is a tendency to mystify the DVT or even associate it with certain religions, is likely to happen just by Spiritualized and Reincarnationist approach of the process itself, which is inseparable from their theoretical bases. As in Western societies science and spirituality are still inconsistent there is a tendency to schools, councils and professional associations take advantage of a particular opinion more “psychological” and “scientific” taxing that kind of therapy “spiritualist”, “mystical” or plain quackery, unfortunately, we have to admit, it can happen, as in any area of human knowledge

Spirit vision

Teach the Doctrine to the oblivion of the past is necessary for the spirit in its current existence is not overwhelmed with the memories and emotions of other lives.

There is a passage from the book of the Spirits “by Allan Kardec, which some argue authorize the rescue of memories of past incarnations:

“On entering the body life, the spirit lost momentarily, the memory of his previous existences, as if a veil the force; However, sometimes, have a vague awareness of it and they can even be disclosed in some circumstances. But it is only the will of the spirits that do spontaneously, with a useful goal and never to satisfy an idle curiosity. “

We see in this passage from the book of the Spirits “that you can remember previous existences, when there is a reason useful and when the spirits higher than approve.

Spiritualists scholars often say DVT is not a joke, but a serious technically and therefore must be sought only when necessary. In other words, one should not face the decline as a chance to discover a past life distinguished or by mere curiosity.

Despite the confusion about the two themes: past life regression and Spiritism (because the TVP is based on the belief of reincarnation) therapy is based on scientific principles through structured studies and research conducted by psychologists and psychiatrists as: Maria Julia Peres, Livy Tulio Pincherle, Hernani Guimarães Andrade, Helen Wambach, Morris Netherton, etc. Is a psychotherapeutic process that deals with psychological and emotional problems, already the Spiritism is a religious doctrine, beliefs and dogmas that seek to help the man to solve their problems of spiritual order to achieve a better evolution of long-term spirit. Spiritualism is a religion, past life therapy is science, yet with his doubts and controversy, but based on theories similar to other psychological disciplines.

Skeptical view

Skeptics claim that although the patients really believe have remembered past lives, it’s about false memories.

According to the skeptical psychologist Robert Baker, the belief in reincarnation is the leading Predictor of which the patient will have a memory of past lives during past life regression.

One of the most notorious cases of therapy was an American woman who remembered having been Bridey Murphy, and sang old Irish songs; When the case was investigated, it was shown that she reminded him not of a past life, but of his childhood. The book The Search for Bridey Murphy details this story.

The undeniable is that even if they are fantasy, imaginations, hallucinations or even mental creations the regressions in the therapeutic process, are capable of making symptoms disappear or promote healing of sick aspects of personality. Most patients who have spent the past-life therapy, incidentally, got rid of several symptoms and improve your quality of life.