Simple Home Composting

This year I made a couple of resolutions. This is something that I usually don’t do, but, well composting is something that I was interested in for a while and this year I am going to start.

Many believe that composting can only be done if you have a garden or if you live in a House with a yard. Most of the books make compost out to be something that is quite complicated and it requires a lot of time and special tools. The truth is that composting can be extremely easy and can be done almost anywhere, if you live in a House, apartment or even a bus.

Why composting?

Every year, we literally throw away millions tons of leftover food. This food contributes a lot to the landfills and the precious minerals and resources in the food are buried forever and can never be re-obtained. For composting, you can greatly reduce your environmental impact, as well as produce valuable fertilizer for your yard and garden. Many composting as a source of income, so start composting today and make a profit, while helping the environment.

What you will need:

  1. A big plastic bucket with a tight-fitting lid
  2. Second bucket with lid (optional, but highly desired)
  3. A small glass, plastic, or ceramic canister kitchen steel. Yogurt tubs and coffee cans also work well.

How to start:

You will definitely need a big plastic bucket with a tight-fitting lid. If you want to get a continuous compost bucket according to begin once the first is full of filler. Make sure that your buckets has never contained any toxic chemicals such as paints, glues, pesticides or fertilizers. Because plastic is porous, these chemical waste never leaves completely and it will make your compost toxic.

Using a drill, carefully make several small holes around the top sides of the bucket. Your compost will have some ventilation. Don’t make any holes in the lid of the bucket. After that, there’s nothing more for him. Place your bucket of manure outside on your porch or balcony, preferably out of direct sunlight, and you’re ready to start filling it in.

If your apartment has balcony or outdoor porch area, you can still compost. Look for kits of vermicomposting (composting with worms) online that you can store correctly and neatly in your kitchen sink.

Beyond The Basics

As it fills add it to your compost. And that is about it.

Most industrial and commercial composting plants use processes, because we guarantee best quality products in one shorter period. The greater degree of control and, therefore, higher quality, often get composted in a sealed container with a control and continuous adjustment of temperature, airflow and humidity, among other parameters.

Home composting is more varied, fluctuating between extremely passive techniques to active techniques specific to an industry. For this purpose choose a place outdoors either courtyard or garden of choice away from the House or kitchen, should give you the Sun and shade during the day. Every time to integrate new organic waste to compost or once a week with a rod is stirred, this step is very important for ventilating materials. In three or four weeks it will be observed that it is difficult to distinguish what was deposited with the exception of the recent waste. Oral care products, can be used even if a well maintained pile rarely produces odors.

After four months will become humus (plant name of land formed by the decomposition of organic matter) and this results in a super fertilizer with life, with a great density and variety of micro-organisms that synthesize enzymes, vitamins, hormones and that favorably affect the biotic balance of the soil.